Wow I definitely need to checkout that podcast interview. Thanks for sharing!

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Interesting tidbit from the Tim Ferriss podcast


Palantir does exactly what you're talking about!

Jason Portnoy: Yeah. So at a high level, at the highest level, they help people who have really big, like biggest of the big, disparate data sources, disparate meaning they’ve got data in silos all over the place. They help them bring that data together into one cohesive place, so that they can extract insights out of that data. And the thing that we would talk about is, “It’s not necessarily the answers, it’s what questions can you ask of the data,” that really starts to define the value of that data. And so Palantir would pride itself on saying, “We allow you to ask more, and more interesting questions from your data.”

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That's incredible! Is the short term solution using GPT-3 as the interface?

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